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Testimonials Our Client Feedback

“Since I began coming in to Dr. Kitts for chiropractic treatment approximately two weeks ago, I have seen amazing results. I now have much freer range of motion in my upper back and torso. The pain has greatly diminished. Although there is quite of bit more work to do in my particular case, I feel tremendous progress have been made and I am well on my way towards the path of recovery.”


“I have been treated by Dr. Kitts for about 3 months. Through his extensive treatments and exercise programs, I have improved on my balance and agility. The results have been improvement in my bowling activity, whereby, I started with an average of 166 and I am currently at 170 averages after 9 weeks for bowling. Last week, I had a high game of 224, which gives me a lot of confidence for high games in the future.”


“When I first visited Dr.Kitts I suffered from sciatica which caused so much pain that I could not walk. We also discovered that I had an old neck injury and a crooked spine. After seven treatments, my pain is gone and x-rays show that my spine is close to being corrected.”

“I just want to thank you for just doing a great job. Every day is very helpful and knowledgeable of what they do. They serve every patient with a smile and very professional. I am very comfortable to get treated in their care.”

-Nerissa Mitchell

“I am a patient suffering with terminal blood pressure problems for the past 8 years. This pressure was taken last visit to my doctor. 06/04/2001 BP: 140/97

I have noticed a severe restriction in my lower back –so referral from my employee who visited here when he had back problems, I decided to visit Dr. Kitts and see what was wrong. I took an x-ray and Dr. Kitts said my spine has severe alignment problems. It needs to be straightened. So I decided to go on his program. In just 5 days into treatment-you know what? My restriction movement is twice as better and my blood pressure is down! 07/02/2001 BP: 125/86

I think my doctor may cut down on my blood pressure medication. Thank you Dr. Kitts and staff for my health!”